Susan Quinlan Doll Museum

Largest collection of dolls & teddy bears in 150 display cases
and the largest research library of related books in the world



Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Weekend Event

For details and registration at this Museum sponsored event, click HERE.

Why Visit This Museum?

What makes this Museum unique in the world of dolls and teddy bears? No other museum in the world offers all of these features and attractions:
• One of the largest doll museums in the U.S.
• Largest teddy bear museum in the U.S.
• Largest doll and teddy bear library in the world
• Most frequent visitor response: “I need to come back. There is just so much to see.”
• Admission includes option of a personally conducted tour by the owner, Susan Quinlan
• Classical background music
• Free tea and coffee after viewing the Museum Galleries
• Hand-painted wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor murals
• Voted “best display cases”
• Handicapped accessible
• One of the best educational websites

News & Events

Major Museum Expansion – Why It Took Two Years

After being closed for two years, the Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Museum is  now open again. To read about the horrific journey they encountered to expand their  number of display cases from 80 to 150 cases, click HERE.

Museum’s First Revolving Display

Since 2005 the museum only had room for permanent displays. There was no room for revolving displays where the content of the cases could be changed periodically with new dolls and teddy bears that were sitting in storage. With the new cases recently installed, there is a large section of cases used entirely for revolving displays. The first revolving display is called “Toys of Our Childhood” that covers toys of the 20th century. The display is based on the toys that have been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame at the Strong Museum, and includes additions from the Quinlan Museum collection.

New Doll & Teddy Bear Artist Section

There is also another section among the new cases reserved for displaying artist dolls and teddy bears. Most visitors to the museum have never heard of one-of-a-kind dolls and teddy bears that are made mostly by women artists. Now they can see in one place a heavy concentration of pieces made by many of the best doll and bear artists in the world. It is an art gallery within a museum. If you are inclined to support an industry that is dominated by women, this would be a good one to get behind. Drop into the museum anytime it is open and Susan Quinlan will be happy to give you a crash course on artist dolls and teddy bears. One distinct advantage to collecting the work of contemporary artists is that you can actually meet them and discuss their work and their inspirations with them. The best place to really learn about them, to meet the artists in person, and to see the largest display of their work in the world, is to attend the Quinlan’s Annual Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Weekend Event in Philadelphia April 29-May 1, 2016.

What People Said About Their Visit to the Museum

Are you thinking about visiting the Susan Quinlan Museum in the near future? Do you want to read what visitors are saying about their experiences at the Museum, and this was when only 3,000+ of the dolls and teddy bears in the collection were on display and before the Quinlans increased the number of display cases at the Museum from 80 to 150 cases. Click HERE.

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New Dollhouses and Miniatures Book by Susan Quinlan

The Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Museum & Library recently published the first of a series of doll and teddy bear related books. It is entitled “Reference Guide to Research on Dollhouses and Miniatures” by Susan Quinlan. It is the largest and most comprehensive reference book of its kind on dollhouses, miniatures and related topics. For more information about the book or how to order a copy, click HERE.

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