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Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Convention

presented by the
Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Museum
Clarion Hotel & Convention Center
Near Philadelphia International Airport (free shuttle to the hotel)
May 4-6, 2017

Optional Workshops: Thursday 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.
Convention Event: Thursday 4:30p.m. to Saturday 8:00p.m.


  • Eight (8) buffet meals, nightly cocktails, all day refreshments, and activities are ALL FREE
  • The $195 registration fee goes entirely to the cost of advertising and supplies
  • Socialize with 130 of the leading doll and teddy bear artists – get their autographs and take photos with them
  • Receive a Doll & Teddy Bear Shopping Guide that describes “what makes each artist at the event and their pieces unique” and provides a sample of their works
  • First time attendee tables to meet other first timers and to learn what to expect each day of the event
  • The only doll or teddy bear event that offers you a money back guarantee of such a unique experience and receiving the most for your money
  • Registration forms are available November 1, 2016


  • Optional Workshops: $25-100 (include meals)
  • Boot Camp Indoctrination for First-Time Attendees – “newbies” are briefed on all convention events
  • Workshop Student Gallery – view many of the pieces made by students at the Workshops
  • Sale and Judging of Signed One-of-a-Kind Artist Dolls & Teddy Bears for the Helen Bullard
    and Beverly Port Awards for Excellence with FREE cocktails
  • FREE banquet in the evening with the announcement of the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild Awards


  • Full day of concurrent multi-track presentations, demonstrations and collector discussion groups
    are all FREE – guaranteed admission to all sessions of your choice
  • Six (6) galleries of signed, one-of-a-kind artist dolls, teddy bears and handmade creations for sale:
    - Bling Figures Gallery (bobbles, bangles, beads & jewels)
    - Figures with Interchangeable Parts Gallery (heads, arms, legs, outfits, accessories)
    - Metal or Wood Figures Gallery (partially or entirely)
    - Make Me Smile Gallery (brings a smile to your face)
    - Figures from the Dark Side Gallery (Day of the Dead, vampires, witches, zombies)
    - All from the SAME Pattern Teddy Bear Challenge (create from provided bear pattern)
  • Collector & Artist Market Place to buy, sell and trade doll and bear supplies, do-dads & silly things
    for creating dolls/bears
  • Discount Coupon Raffle to win coupons to buy any piece from your favorite artists at a discount
  • Two (2) hours of early admission to the Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Sale with FREE cocktails served
  • FREE cocktails and banquet dinner that includes an Introduction to Major Artist Doll & Bear
    Organizations & Events


  • FREE refreshments all day, FREE magazines (new and old), and over 60 FREE door prizes
  • Largest Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Sale with 130 participating artists (open to the public on Saturday)
  • Good Bears of the World is conducting a morning and afternoon Charity Silent Auction for children going through traumatic experiences
  • Good Bears of the World is gifting cases of Teddy Bears to the local Police Department to use to comfort children who need a little love and hugs
  • Professional Doll Makers Art Guild is holding a Word Scramble Scavenger Hunt for some lucky person to win a Traveling Santa Doll made specially for this Show
  • FREE cocktails and banquet dinner that includes the announcement of the Beverly Port and Helen Bullard Award for Excellence winners. Also relive the event while viewing pictures of the previous three days.

For information, contact the Susan Quinlan Museum at (805) 687-8901 or
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